Legislative Forum

Solar Panels
Nevada Sustainable Energy Coalition’s Legislative Forum was held on Thursday, March 22, 2012 at the new City of Las Vegas City Hall. The Legislative Forum was held to gather ideas and establish priorities for legislation the Coalition’s stakeholders want to introduce and advocate in the 2013 Nevada Legislative session.

The Legislative Forum provided an opportunity for business people involved with renewable energy, energy efficiency and green building to share ideas about what changes in the laws are needed to make these areas more vibrant and productive.

The goal of the Legislative Forum was to build a platform through consensus with a broad base of stakeholders that will assure maximum success promoting policy changes through changes in the law. The participants worked to develop specific policy planks aligned with the Coalition’s mission statement that were prioritized based upon importance and feasibility.

Participants in the Legislative Forum included:
Marti Ashcraft, USGBC Government Affairs Committee
Lauren Boitel, Clean Energy Project
Annette Bubak, President, Green Alliance
Jennifer Clifford, Board Member, Solar NV
Denee Evans, Executive Director, HomeFree Nevada
Shari Farkas, Executive Director, Green Chips
Brenda Gilbert, Program Manager, BEC Environmental, Inc.
Beth Gillette, Executive Director, Green Alliance
Louise Helton, USGBC Government Affairs Committee
Brandon Kephart, Board Member, Building Performance Contractors Ass’n
Andrea King, Member, BOMA Advocacy/Legislation Committee
Matt Knepper, UNLV Environmental Law Society
Robert McNinch, Co-Chair, BOMA Advocacy/Legislation Committee
Dave Ray, President, USGBC
Michael Shohet, Board Member, NAIOP
Kelly Thomas, Better Building Performance
Mary Venable, President, Efficiency First Nevada/Nevada Building Performance Professionals

With the assistance of facilitator Doug Lyon, policy ideas were identified, prioritized, categorized and assigned to subcommittees. The subcommittees are: Decoupling; Energy Efficiency; Financing; Incentives; Renewable Energy and Utility Regulation. Each subcommittee has a variety of issues that will be investigated, analyzed and assessed for viability as potential legislation to be presented in the 2013 Legislature.

The work of the Legislative Forum will be ongoing, as the subcommittees will reconvene from time to time to discuss their work and make critical decisions about the most important policy issues for which the Coalition should advocate.