NSEC Executive Committee meets with the Chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality

As a result of Monica Brett’s excellent influence and connections, the Executive Committee of NSEC recently had a wonderful opportunity to engage with Nancy Sutley, who not only leads the White House Council on Environmental Quality but also is the President's principal environmental advisor. With a background in California energy policy, she was keen to know about our Coalition and keep us abreast of developments in Washington.
During our meeting, NSEC members had a chance to introduce their respective organizations, scopes of work and their own ideas and concerns. Chairwoman Sutley then outlined the administration's top desire to link policy to the field and that this type of outreach was crucial to successful outcomes.
Understanding that the most important outcome for NSEC is an ability to direct policy in a manner which supports our mission to "develop policies and encourage investments in green businesses to advance energy efficiency, renewable energy and water conservation with the goal of creating jobs and stimulating economic development for a sustainable future", Chairwoman Sutley left with four recommendations: 1) encourage foundations to engage with troops on the ground for sustainable funding; 2) take whatever funding the federal government has left on energy efficiency, renewables and green buildings and use it for public outreach; 3) help to make sure our state has the infrastructure to complete projects and sustain them; and 4) keep linking policy to the field by engaging us.

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