Monica teaches the White House a thing or two . . .

On January 20, 2012, the White House Business Council hosted a Nevada delegation to gather information from the business community about how the administration can help the economy and the green community. Although Nevada was one of the last delegations to visit the White House, NSEC Program Committee Chair Monica Brett enlightened the gathering with information and insight that none of the previous visitors provided.

Monica explained, “[W]hen it comes to creating a green industry, just funding training and technology does nothing to drive the market. The 99% does not know enough to feel comfortable buying green products and services. All the new technologies in the world will not on their own resonate with consumers without marketing and education.”

“In Las Vegas, we are developing a two-pronged approach to engage our community. We will provide family-style creative events throughout the year to build consumer confidence. At the same time, representatives of our green community will educate our politicians about the facts and important values of green initiatives for the State of Nevada. This is the function of the Legislative Forum that will be held by the Nevada Sustainable Energy Coalition on March 22nd.

The White House responded with surprise and amazement. “You are creating a game change for this industry and we want to be a part of and follow your good efforts.”

You go girl! Yeah Monica!

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